Jake Wildstrom's contact info

I can be reached many different ways in many different places. Here's the lowdown on every different possible piece of public contact information for me:

Legal name: David Jacob Wildstrom
Known aliases*: D. Jacob Wildstrom, Jake Wildstrom, Jack Bishop, Big Daddy T**
Office mailing address: 328 Natural Sciences Building
Department of Mathematics
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Office location: Natural Sciences Building 231, University of Louisville
Home address: The Featureless White Cube
2352 Dorma Avenue
Louisville, KY 40217
Office phone number: (502)852-5845 (x5845 on campus)
Cellular phone number: Available by request only
E-mail address: dwildstr@erdos.math.louisville.edu
Online community identity: jackbishop on most communities; bishop on some, crochetgeek on a few. dwildstr or similar variations of my name are used in places that frown on aliases.

*This is an authentic part of my public profile. I once temped for Diebold (I had limited funds and some sins to work out) for one of San Diego's many pointless elections of the early 2000's. They did a background check and sent me a copy. Turns out whoever does background checks really does track aliases. I am prodigiously proud of having some. Makes me feel sketchy. Back
**Nobody actually calls me this. Back

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