Jake's Interactive Fiction

In accordance with hosting regulations and general courtesy, please be warned that this page (and some of the games on it) use language and imagery (in the sense of evocation, not in the sense of actual graphics) not appropriate for all ages, sensitivities, and religious beliefs. Most of it is, in my opinion, rather tame, but others may differ.

Take IF, for example. Interactive fiction has a tiny audience. The number of people who follow IF is somewhere in the same range as the number of people who read "Daria" fanfic or collect WWI helmets. We're talking about maybe a couple hundred people on the outside. You would not expect writing an IF program to make a huge difference in one's life. But you would be wrong.
Adam Cadre

New! Thanks to the Parchment web-based interpreter, you can now play the games without downloading anything, if your web browser is sufficiently javascript-capable.

What is interactive fiction?

I've written several games, most of them silly, and most of them for the irregular speedIF events. All of my games are written in Inform, so you'll need a Z-code interpreter to play them.

A related work to IF, but not a work of IF in its own right, is my big baroque Do-Anything-You-Want-It-To Inform Makefile. It's got all sorts of fiddly bits, including automated abbreviation computation and padding stripping, and the ability to produce z3 games (given appropriate libraries) or Glulx (given an appropriate compiler). In addition, I have a stub file I always use to start my projects.

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